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Freightliner trucks are geared for Australia’s harsh driving conditions and have been developed with the driver in mind.

Engineered to outperform and outlast the competition, they are trusted as leading heavy duty trucks on our highways, construction sites and for the big jobs where only the toughest will do. Well-known for being comfortable, tough and reliable, the Freightliner range is versatile.

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Alan Craig

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Freightliner Service Plans

Whether you operate one truck or a large fleet, planning your operating costs is imperative.

With the Freightliner Service Plan, we ensure that maintenance and repairs are carried out according to an agreed schedule and pre-determined costs. Freightliner Service Plan rates are calculated and agreed on by using criteria and information supplied by you, such as vehicle application, anticipated annual kilometres, operating hours, loads and working conditions.

This means you can work out a budget with monthly payments and be confident that your agreed maintenance and repair costs are covered.